RJABS July-Dec 2018

Antibacterial Activity of Biopolymer Blend- Carbide Nanoparticles Bio-Films against Escherichia Coli

Ahmed Hashim* and Zinah Sattar Hamad

Abstract: Bionanocomposites of (polyvinyl alcohol - poly-acrylic acid) blend/ niobium carbide nanoparticles have been prepared with low cost and lightweight. The (PVA-PAA-NbC) nanocomposites have been prepared by using casting technique. Films of (PVA-PAA-NbC) nanocomposites were fabricated for antibacterial activity. The (PVA-PAA-NbC) nanocomposites were examined for antibacterial against Escherichia coli (E. coli). The results of application showed that the (PVA-PAA-NbC) nanocomposites have high activity for antibacterial Escherichia coli.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 1-5 ] DOI:10.22587/rjabs.2018.13.2.1


UV-Absorption for Biological Application of (Polymer- Carbide) Nanocomposites

Ahmed Hashim* and Noor Hamid

Abstract: Bionanocomposites of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and tantalum carbide nanoparticles (TaC NPs) and studying their structural and optical properties for UV- radiation shielding applications. The prepared bionanocomposites have high absorbance for UV- radiation with low cost and low weight. The results showed that the optical parameters (absorbance (A), absorption coefficient (α) and optical conductivity (σ)) of biopolymer are increased with increase in tantalum carbide nanoparticles concentrations while the transmittance (T) and energy band gap (Eg) are decreased with increase in tantalum nanoparticles concentrations.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 6-13 ] DOI:10.22587/rjabs.2018.13.2.2