JASR May-June 2018



Experimental Study on Irrigation Uniformity Using Low Pressure Single Set Sprinkler System

Suhaimi Hassan, Shahrul Ashyraf, M. Faizairi and Kee Kok Eng

Abstract: Sprinkler irrigation system performance is measured by its irrigation uniformity where this factor is depending on several design factors such as operating pressure, nozzle diameter and riser height. An experimental study was conducted to investigate the effect on the combination of parameters towards the irrigation uniformity including the wetted diameter (WD), Coefficient of Uniformity (CU%) and Distribution Uniformity (DU%). In order to determine the optimum combinations of operating pressure, riser height and nozzle diameter, five operating pressures between 80 to 240 kPa, five riser heights between 0.5 to 1.5 m, and two nozzle diameters of 3 and 4 mm were used in a single sprinkler system. To measure the irrigation uniformity, catch cans were used to collect water distributed by sprinkler and the result for CU and DU were calculated from the data obtained. Result obtained showed that the higher the operating pressure, riser height and nozzle diameter, the percentage of CU and DU become higher. While for wetted diameter, it is increased when the operating pressure and riser height is increased but decreased when bigger nozzle diameter is used. CU of 65.48 to 83.47% and 66.67 to 91.67%, and DU of 60.38 to 77.97% and 62.22 to 88.89% were obtained under different combinations respectively. While, wetted diameter of 11.22 to 15.99 m and 8.82 to 12.23 m were achieved under respective combinations. Therefore, for achievement the optimum performance, it is recommended that the sprinkler irrigation system operated at the best combinations of 240 kPa operating pressure with 1.25 m riser height and 4 mm nozzle diameter size.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 1-5 ] DOI: 10.22587/jasr.2018.14.3.1


A Study on the Effects of Gas Nitriding on Aluminum 6061 for Automotive Engine Application

M. Faizairi M. Nor, Suhaimi Hassan, Kee Kok Eng, M. Azman Zakariya, Faizal Ahmad Fadzil, Kamal Ariff Zainal Abidin, Zulkifli M. Rosli and Jariah M. Juoi

Abstract: Aluminum start to replace cast iron in engine manufacturing due to its low weight but higher strength. This will produce high power-to-weight ratio engine. The problem is aluminum has low hardness and wears resistance. Cylinder wall tends to wear due to the reciprocating movement of piston inside during the engine operates and will lead to engine blow-by. Gas nitriding is one of the processes to increase those properties by forming aluminum nitride layer on it. This layer has high hardness and wears resistance.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 6-12 ] DOI: 10.22587/jasr.2018.14.3.2


Malva nut (Scaphium scaphigerum) beverage consumption on food intake and waist circumference

Suradech Chaitokkia and Nitchatorn Panomai

Abstract: Background: Herbs might have the potential to reduce body weight. Malva nuts or Pung-ta-lai, as one of these herbs was recommended for weight reduction, and reduce excess fat around the waist. Presently it is known, that the mucilaginous substances of the seeds have a laxative effect or keeping full for quite a long period of time that leads to decrease the amount of food intake, total body weight, and abdominal fat which it was evaluated by waist circumference. Objective: The objective of this research was to investigate the effect of Malva nut beverage on food intake and waist circumference. Design: A randomized study of 71 health officials within a hospital (18 males and 53 females) were divided into 2 groups. The first group (Malva Group or MG) 240 ml twice a day of a liquid containing 2 grams of fiber extracted from the nut daily for 2 months while the second group served as controls. Waist circumference were measured at baseline and after 2 months supplementing the liquid to the MG group. Results: After 2 months a significant, statistical difference in the reduction of energy, and increase fiber intake. For waist circumference, it was statistically significant lower in the GM group when comparing with the control group. Conclusion: Consumption of an extract from Malva nut of 2 grams of fiber, twice a day resulted in an increasing fiber intake, and reduction of energy, and waist circumference.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 13-17 ] DOI: 10.22587/jasr.2018.14.3.3


The Influence Of Application Technology,Firms Size, and Strategy of Operating Performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Ratna Anggraini, Nuramalia Hasanah

Abstract: This study aims to examine the factors affecting operating performance on micro, small and medium enterprises (MSEMs) in East Jakarta, Indonesia. Using independent variables application of technology, firm size, strategy and as dependent variable is operational performance. This research uses purposive sampling technique with total sample 33 MSMES in East Jakarta. The data is collected through a survey instrument. The analytical method used is multiple linear regression. The results of this study indicates that the application of technology and firm size that affect the operational performance, while strategy has no influence on operational performance. The empirical contribution in MSMES, in particular to improve their performance.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 18-22 ] DOI: 10.22587/jasr.2018.14.3.4


Integrity of Muslim Women Entrepreneurs in the Cosmetic Industry in Malaysia

Azizah Othman, Raziah Md Tahir, Syarifah Md Yusof, Norashidah Hashim

Abstract: The rapid economic development of the country has been attracting more women to actively engage in the entrepreneurial world. Women now engage in entrepreneurial fields such as health products, herbs, peripherals, fragrances, clothing and so on. Despite having multiple roles as a wife or mother and entrepreneur, some of them succeed in competing and expanding their business. With limited resources and knowledge, they succeed in managing businesses and even contributing to society. However, Muslim women entrepreneurs should not be greedy in pursuing profits without regard to ethical values, principles of justice and social responsibility to customers. Integrity should be seen as a commitment to a high moral principle in carrying on a task either at the individual or organizational level. The objective of this study is to examine the integrity of Muslim women entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry. Qualitative method is employed in which Muslim women entrepreneurs were selected purposively. In-depth interviews are intended to deepen the knowledge and application of integrity among Muslim women entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry. This study found that there are three key management factors practiced by successful Muslim women entrepreneurs which are personal characters, competences and religious values. This article focuses on the definition of integrity and internal integrity practices carried out by women entrepreneurs.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 23-26 ] DOI: 10.22587/jasr.2018.14.3.5