AEJSA Volume 15, Number 2: April-June, 2021


Physical Characteristics of Meat Part of Longissimus dorsi Muscle Marinated in Collagen Extract

Muhammad Irfan Said, Muhammad Yusuf, Hikmah M.Ali, Effendi Abustam, Muhammad Aksa, Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin, Abdel Rahman M. Said Al-Tawaha, Abdel Razzaq Al-Tawaha

ABSTRACT: The research has been conducted to evaluate the physical characteristics of the meat of the Longissimus dorsi (LD) muscle part, which is marinated in a solution of in collagen extract. A total of 10 kg of meat (LD muscle) from male Bali cattle. The treatment that was applied consisted of 2 factors, the first factor was the three marination times (MT) (0,4 and 8 days), and the second factor was the three levels of collagen extract (LCE) (0%; 1% and 2% w/w). The study was designed based on a completely randomized design (CRD) with a 3x3 factorial pattern, where each treatment was repeated 3 times. The results showed that the difference in MT had a very significant effect (p<0.01) on the pH value, meat shear force (MSF) and cooking loss (CL), but did not affect the water holding capacity (WHC). The difference in the LCE had a very significant effect (p<0.01) on MSF, but had no significant effect (p>0.05) on the pH, CL and WHC values. The two factors that were applied have a significant interaction on the MSF, CL and WHC values. The pH value is relatively stable at pH 6-7. The MSF value was relatively the lowest at 8 days of MT with 2% of LCE (M8-C2). The lowest CL values were MT for 4 days and LCE for 2 days (M4-C2). The results showed that the increase in MT by increasing the amount of LCE provided better functional properties. The combination of 8 days of MT with LCE of 2% (M8-C2 treatment) and applied together was considered as the best recommendation to use.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 1-8 ] DOI: 10.22587/aejsa.2021.15.2.1


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