AEB Volume 15, Number 11: November, 2021


Cryopreservation of grapevine shoot tips by frozen in vitro

Mayada Ahmad Al-Sameen, Khalil Al-Ma’ari, Fahd Al-Bisky

Abstract: This research was carried out in the Tissue Culture Lab of the National Commission of Biotechnology (NCBT) in Damascus/ Syria and in Faculty of Agriculture– Damascus University during 2018- 2019 to optimize an effective method for micropropagation of grape Vitis vinifera L. Explants of (0.5-1cm) with adjacent bud were planted in multiplying stage on MS medium contains different concentrations of BAP (0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3 mg/ l ), with or without 0.2 mg/ l NAA or IAA. The multiplied explants transferred in comparison with MS medium without hormones (control) with different concentrations of IAA (1, 2, 4, 8 mg/ l) for its rooting stage. The results revealed that the hormone combinations (2 mg/ l BAP + 0.2 mg/ l NAA) had the highest average of the plant length (3.233 cm), leaves and the number of formed buds (5.667 leaves, 4.667 bud/ plant biopsy respectively). The hormonal combinations BAP/ NAA led to an obvious increase in the studied parameters in comparison to hormonal combinations treatments BAP/ IAA and nutrition medium with BAP only treatments, whereas the hormonal combinations IAA/ NAA did not lead to an obvious increase in the number of leaves and formed buds in compare with nutrition medium with BAP only treatments. The best percentage of rooting (92.8%) was achieved in MS medium supplemented with (1 mg/ l IAA). 87% of the adapted produced plantlets from tissue culture were successfully moved and planted in soil.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 1-6 ] DOI: 10.22587/aeb.2021.15.11.1


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