AEB Volume 17, Number 3: May-June, 2023


Sustainable Agriculture, Food Production, Export and Animal Food Products: A Case of Hungary

Ola Al Jaafreh, Imre Nagy, Tariq Ismail , Abel Rahman Al-Tawaha

Abstract: The sustainability of agriculture is a crucial concern for many social elements today, starting with the farming equipment or methods that all farmers use in the global agricultural production process. However, in many instances, the study of sustainable agriculture focuses only on the effects of the branches of animal and crop production that are sustainable until the products reach consumers, ignoring the relationship between the fundamental elements of the sustainability process that starts with farmers and moves through the producer and exporter to reach the consumer. Understanding the elements that make sustainable agriculture a crucial engine for the production and export processes, as well as how one phase influences the other, are pertinent topics to be addressed. Additionally, it covers the key elements necessary for sustainable agriculture to serve as a strong foundation for food production and export. Examining the presence of sustainable agriculture as well as its impact on food export and production in Hungary is the aim of the study. This study is quantitative, which means that it is built on data collecting and information that aids in the proper description and analysis of the problem. The study thus adopted the survey method to collect the primary data. Findings suggested that sustainable agriculture largely (with the exception of tools) influences food production and export.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 1-9 ] DOI:10.22587/aeb.2023.17.3.1


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