AEB Volume 16, Number 5: May, 2022


Characteristics Of Women In Carrying Out Natural Silk Agribusiness Activities In Soppeng Regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

Nurul Magfirah Ashar, Sitti Bulkis, Rahmadanih

Abstract: This study aimed to determine the characteristics of women who carry out activities in natural silk agribusiness in Soppeng Regency, South Sulawesi province. The research was conducted from October to December 2021 in Soppeng Regency. The population was all women who carried out silkworm agribusiness activities in the Soppeng district. The sample was women who carry out agribusiness activities in Donri-Donri sub-district and Lilirilau sub-districts. Analysis of the data used was descriptive statistics, namely the frequency distribution. The results showed that the age of female respondents was in the productive age, the average was formal education, the largest number of family dependents was in the range of 0-3 people, the experience of respondents in carrying out silkworm agribusiness activities was mainly in the range of 6-20 years.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 1-5 ] 10.22587/aeb.2022.16.5.1


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