AEB Volume 17, Number 2: March-April, 2023


Food-Borne Diseases in the Schools' Canteens

Fahad Dhaifallah Al-Shareef , Mohammad Hussein Fakieh and Mohamed Morsi M. Ahmed

Abstract: Governments and other stakeholders must ensure that students in developing nations have access to nutritious meals in their school cafeterias, as this not only encourages students to continue their education but also improves their health, growth, and development. Unfortunately, a growing number of reported food-borne disease (FBD) outbreaks are attributed to school cafeterias worldwide, especially in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this article is to review some research from journals that reported cases of bacterial food-borne illness in Saudi Arabian schools and other parts of the world to understand better outbreaks of bacterial food-borne diseases and the resulting impact on school cafeterias' health. The pertinent research was published in journals that detailed cases of bacterial food-borne illness in Saudi Arabian and other international schools. This review found numerous pathogenic bacteria, including E. coli sp., Salmonella sp., Shigella sp., and others, were present in school canteen food.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 1-7 ] DOI: 10.22587/aeb.2023.17.2.1


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