AEB Volume 15, Number 6: June, 2021


Survey of the pollen grains of ornamental plants grown in public gardens in Jeddah province, Saudi Arabia

Faraj Abdullah Al-Ghamdi; Abdulrahaman Saeed Hajer; Hassan Saeed Al Zahrani and Rashed Musaed Al Sabehi

Abstract: Pollen morphology of 21 ornamental plants belonging to 20 genera occurring in Jeddah province public gardens were studied. This study aimed to observe and describe the pollen morphology using LM. This investigation presented an examination of the morphology of pollen, and was described in detail using the following parameters: pollen size, pollen shape, apertures, pollen surface, pollen unit, pollen symmetry, polarity, with calculations of the polar axis (P), equatorial axis (E) and P/E ratio. It may very useful identification and classification of pollen grain of ornamental plants. So principal pollen characters for each plant were provided in tables, which give indication of the importance of palynology in separation and delimitation of taxa.

[ FULL TEXT PDF 1-8 ] 10.22587/aeb.2021.15.6.1


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