AEB Volume 17, Number 4: July-August 2023


Evaluation of the influences of sesame oil and flaxseed oil on mice exposed to Methotrexate via isozyme electrophoresis and Semi-Quantitative RT-PCR

Noor Bakhsh , Yasser Mohamed Saad , Samar Rabah and Mahmoud Saeed Ahmad

Abstract: The genetic alterations due to the Methotrexate (MTX) influences in numerous biological systems including mammals are still unclear. In the present study, some Isozyme systems (Esterase, Malate dehydrogenase, Lactate dehydrogenase and Superoxide dismutase) and Semi-quantitative RT-PCR techniques were used for evaluating the influences of sesame oil and flaxseed oil on mice exposed to Methotrexate. The density and the numbers of some isozyme bands in some mice body organs were alerted under the experimental conditions. The highest relative Sod expression value was induced by sesame oil. Both Isozyme and Semiquantitative RT-PCR techniques were informative in exploring gene expression in certain mice body organs. The developed molecular and biochemical markers could be informative in understanding the physiological consequences of gene expression analysis under certain experimental conditions. Further investigations are required to explore the true influences of sesame and flaxseed oil against the toxicity induced by various toxic factors at molecular and/or biochemical levels.

[ Full Text Pdf 1-9 ] DOI: 10.22587/aeb.2023.17.4.1


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